Eye Candy: The ‘Burnt’ NYC Premiere at MoMA

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Now I can officially cross “attend a movie premiere” off my bucket list. I was given the opportunity to attend a private screening of the new food-centric movie Burnt at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City yesterday and it was every bit of fabulous imaginable.

Philadelphia native Bradley Cooper, easily one of Hollywood’s hottest actors, stars in the upcoming comedy-drama Burnt as tortured chef Adam Jones who must contend with past demons and vices (drug abuse and run-ins with a pair of unsympathetic loan sharks) all while seeking a coveted third Michelin star–the Holy Grail to any chef worth his or her salt.

Burnt tells the story of Adam Jones (Cooper), a chef who was the toast of Paris until one too many drugs and too many burnt bridges destroyed his promising career as a restaurateur. After doing penance in true chef form — shucking 1 million oysters at a New Orleans dive — he heads to London to revive his tarnished career.

Upon arrival, it seems as if all of his old Paris cohorts are there, including maître-d’ Tony (Daniel Bruhl), who’s quietly nursed a long-standing crush on Adam; sous chef Michel (Omar Sy), who seems ready to give the chef a second chance despite having been wronged by him in the past; and frenemy Reece (Rhys), now the city’s hottest chef since Adam’s absence from the scene. The film heads down a familiar path with the introduction of a tough sous chef Helene (Miller) who inevitably becomes Jones’ love interest.

All told, Burnt doesn’t reinvent the wheel nor does it explore any new cinematic themes; in fact, it rather gingerly ambles down a path of safety like so many foodie movies before it. It may subscribe to the old formulaic redemption theme Hollywood seems to be so fond of, but it’s a formula–er, recipe–that works for the cast of Burnt.

**Burnt opens nationwide on Friday, October 23rd. Check your local listings for showtimes.**


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