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  1. Keeley @ My Life on a Plate

    So I’ve never made homemade cider and I had no idea you could do it at home. Do you feel it’s really worth it?

    For spiced cider I prefer hot. If it’s plain cider I don’t care either way.

    1. Iris "The Palate Princess" M.

      Didn’t you just post a cider recipe on your site?? It’s super easy to make. I have a really powerful juicer that extracts just about every drop of juice from fruit–add the juice and some spices of your choice to a large pot and simmer until it reaches 160 degrees (if you want to pasteurize it so it keeps for more than a week) and, voila, you’re done.

      I totally feel like it’s worth it–we recently tasted some store-bought cider that was bitter and then we tasted a heavily spiced cider that left a metallic taste on our tongues, so I figured it was just best to make my own.