Philly is Home to the ‘Best Chocolate in the World’

Truffle MoundAssorted milk chocolate truffles (photo courtesy of Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland)

In less than a month, Cupid’s either going to make your day or break your heart and a box of chocolates may be the deciding factor.

This year my Valentine’s Day will not suck.

This year my Valentine’s Day will not suck.

This year my Valentine’s Day will not suck.

Every year, I do what my countless self-help books tell me to do and I stand in front of my mirror and repeat this mantra–a mantra that I know has a snowball’s chance in Hell of being true–and muster every bit of positive thinking I can.  For more years than I care to admit, Valentine’s Day has been a combination of broken promises, wilted flowers, and cheap boxes of candy.  Needless to say, I’d be more than happy to fall asleep on February 13th and awaken on February 15th–skipping V-Day wouldn’t phase me in the least.

But how do those unwilling to pull a Rip Van Winkle and sleep their way through the year’s most romantic holiday avoid being let down on the big day?  (You may want to start hinting around to your significant other that a box of high-quality chocolates is in order.)

Switzerland-based Teuscher Chocolates has an outpost in Philadelphia and while there are some local confectioners that claim to be the best in the city, Teuscher has the unique honor of having just been declared the Best Chocolate in the World by National Geographic Traveler.

The world.

Not the city.

The world.

Started more than 70 years ago by master chocolatier Dolf Teuscher, his eponymous company became the gold standard for confectioners everywhere.  Teuscher’s chocolate-making process is truly a global effort; only the finest fruits, nuts, cocoa, and marzipan are sourced from around the world and used in the beloved recipes.  Over 100 varities of chocolate are produced in the Zurich facility though the signature champagne truffle, with its Dom Perignon and dark chocolate cream ganache center, is by far the most popular flavor and deservedly so.  Zagat declared the decadent confection to be the best “on the planet” and chapeau-donning food critic Gael Greene dubbed Teuscher the “best all-around chocolatier.”

So, this year if you can’t afford a blue box. give your significant other a box of critically-acclaimed chocolates.  After all, it’s the best in the world and, really, isn’t that kind of like giving your sweetums the world?


Disclosure: Teuscher Chocolates graciously sent me a box of assorted chocolates but that in no way influenced this post; my thoughts are my own.

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