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  1. Keeley @ My Life on a Plate

    I have no idea the restaurant, but that sink looks skanky! I don’t like to use public restrooms, but after being pregnant and having no choice I’ve figured out where I can and can’t go. I like department stores in shopping malls, Target, and certain chain restaurants. If you’re on a road trip, hotels are always a safe bet for clean bathrooms. There’s no way they’re going to have filthy, outdated bathrooms near the check-in desk.

  2. Iris "The Palate Princess" M.

    Keeley, trust me–it was an emergency. It’s funny when I’m dining out with people and they ask me where the bathroom is–I rarely know because I try to avoid public restrooms. This particular restaurant is a dive-y kind of place anyway–food’s amazing but the bathroom is a real turn-off. Good tip about the hotels–never thought of that.

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