The Palate Princess – Episode 4 – The Dirt on Veggies

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Photo courtesy of uwishunu

Photo courtesy of uwishunu


On today’s show I get the dirt on veggies. (See what I did there?) Husband and wife Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby, the city’s reigning vegan ambassadors, are chefs and owners of Vedge and one-year old V Street–both restaurants offer plant-based menus only. For us carnivores, it’s easy to write off the enterprising couple’s pair of restaurants as just another addition to the city’s roster of hipster veggie spots, but a deeper exploration of Landau’s repertoire reveals the thoughtfulness and deft handiwork behind some of the city’s best food.

Rich and Kate hang out in the studio for the whole episode and make me a believer in the power of a vegan lifestyle–not only do they put good things in their bodies but they’re good people. Having no culinary backgrounds but armed with an ethical philosophy, the couple shares how they approach the concept of vegan cooking and talk about how their global travels inspire them to try new techniques and experiment with flavors. From Morocco to Japan, they’ve traveled the world in pursuit of veggie domination–OK, that might be an exaggeration but their culinary journeys have definitely influenced their menus.

Listen up and find out how these two are livin’ on the vedge…

That’s the last veggie pun, I promise.


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