ShopRite Potluck Blog: Farro Salad with Acorn Squash, Kale & Pomegranate

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Exciting news! I just signed on to be a writer for Potluck–the food blog of family-owned über-grocer ShopRite. The blogger panel is made up of food enthusiasts who are dedicated to using ShopRite’s line of quality products to create great meals. My posts will appear on the Potluck blog site but I will also reprint them here on my site (in whole or in part) as well. I encourage you to visit Potluck and check out the great posts from the rest of the blogger panel–it’s a pretty creative group of foodies!

Having grown up in Delaware, ShopRite was a constant presence and one of my family’s favorite grocery stores. Now that I’m a Pennsylvania resident, I continue to shop at my local ShopRite and am constantly amazed at its ever-expanding line of products. From organics to hard-to-find, exotic ingredients, a stroll down the grocery aisle is never a dull one. As a blogger for Potluck, I will be sent various products on a regular basis and create dishes using ShopRite groceries. Think of it like the Food Network show Chopped, complete with a mystery box.

I received my first delivery yesterday and was pleased to find four different bags of grains (quinoa and farro to be exact). I cook a lot of quinoa but I had never cooked farro at home, so since I love trying new things, I opted to use the farro. Now I’ve eaten plenty of farro so I decided create a salad using the flavors and produce of autumn. This salad has a lot going on in terms of texture–the slight bite of the al dente farro, the softness of the roasted acorn squash and the crisp tang of the pomegranate seeds ensure that your palate won’t get bored.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: ShopRite provides POTLUCK™ bloggers with free products, offers and services for the bloggers to review.

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