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  1. upsidedowncookbook

    So funny! And so true. I confess, I used the word “delectable”–Hey, Laurie Colwin does ALL the time–but I’m no Laurie Colwin, so I promise to stop. Seriously, though, you make an excellent point. My writing mentor used to yell at me for using the adjective “very”: it either is or it isn’t, she said. If the food isn’t delicious or delectable or tasty, why write about it in the first place?

    1. Iris "The Palate Princess" M.

      I am guilty of so many food writing crimes! I freelance write and people always romanticize it and tell me how much fun it must be, but it’s truly hard. I have to think of a million different ways to describe food–I’m actually thinking about taking a refresher writing course.

  2. Danya Zohar

    yep I do all these. its the only way lol 🙂

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