Thumbs Down for Marsha Brown

On paper, Marsha Brown sounds like a splendid concept–Creole cuisine in the heart of quaint New Hope, housed in a former church and an innovative menu–but the food simply does not live up to the hype.  I’m well aware that I’m swimming against the tide, here.  Marsha Brown is a much-lauded eatery–quite possibly loved by those who have never set foot in The Gulf or sampled bayou cuisine–but nevertheless, the place has a fierce following.

Allow me to go on record as saying that I am completely, totally and absolutely freaked out by the gigantic floor-to-ceiling mural in the main dining room.  Much of the church décor and fixtures have not changed and I question who really wants to see persecuted Christians being ripped to shreds by lions?  Call me quirky, but it’s distracting and I find it a bit disturbing.
A red bean dip served with bread arrived clumpy, cold and lacking in flavor.  The savory cheesecake was creamy and delicious but ice cold in the center which makes me question what’s going on with temperature control at this place.  The crawfish étouffée was seasoned nicely but watery.  With a glowing recommendation (and a bit of prodding) from our server, we ordered the “24K” carrot cake which the menu touts as being “worth its weight in gold”.  Ironically, the cake weighed as much as a gold brick–heavy, dense and frozen solid, we lamented as we literally had to wait for the cake to thaw out before attempting a bite.
Marsha Brown has potential as evident in a flash of brilliance here and there, but it’s a long road to the bayou.  Hopefully, it makes it there and when it does, I’ll come running fork in hand.

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