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My earliest food memories involve–who else–my mother.  Growing up, I was her official taste tester in the kitchen and, as first jobs go, I loved it.  In my mother’s eyes food was comfort. Food was celebratory. Food was life.

I licked spoons, added pinches of salt, mercilessly beat eggs, and learned what makes a good home cook.  Over the years, my knowledge and love of food grew as well as my palate and now I’m just a girl who’s on a mission to find and eat the best food possible and write about it along the way.

As my writing gains readership, I’ve been afforded a host of opportunities to meet and interact with powerhouses in the culinary world, attend food events, and even author a book.  Currently, I contribute to a number of magazines’ food columns, lifestyle blogs, and I am working on my second book.  My work focuses on telling the stories of the movers and shakers that influence the area’s lively culinary scene.  If there’s a story to tell, I’m on it.

In short, this ride has been nothing but AMAZING!

– Iris

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