About Me

Food and travel are in my blood. I have always been fascinated with food and its ability to unite. Combined with a  serious case of wanderlust and a love of exploring new destinations and I am sure it is evident why I have chosen a career that allows me to foster both passions.

Saying goodbye to Santorini…

My earliest food memories involve–who else–my mother. Growing up, I was her official taste tester in the kitchen and, as first jobs go, I loved it. In my mother’s eyes food was comfort. Food was celebratory. Food was life.

I licked spoons, added pinches of salt, mercilessly beat eggs, and learned what makes a good home cook. Over the years, my knowledge and love of food grew as well as my palate and now I’m just a girl who’s on a mission to find and eat the best food possible and write about it along the way.

As a child, I traveled quite a bit. Road trips and cultural sightseeing were an integral part of my family life. From spending summers on Native American reservations immersed in indigenous culture to attending tea ceremonies in Japan, I learned the value of travel early on. Today, my love of food and travel go hand in hand and has led me on an endless quest to taste and see as much of the world as possible.

As my writing continues to gains readership and my brand evolves, I am afforded a host of opportunities to meet and interact with powerhouses in the culinary world, visit breathtaking destinations, and have even fulfilled a lifelong dream of being an author. Currently, I contribute to a number of magazines’ food columns, print and digital publications, and I am working on my third book. My work focuses on telling stories that evoke powerful emotions in my readers.

If there’s a story to tell, I’m on it.

In short, this ride has been nothing but amazing and I invite you to come along on this delicious journey.