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  1. Dawn J.

    I LOVE Anthony Bourdain, especially when he appears on Top Chef!

  2. Josh W.

    Bourdain’s a big mouth but I love him. 🙂 I totally love his take on vegans/vegetarians. Liked you on FB by the way..

  3. Amber D.

    Well, I always laugh at the things Bourdain says…but I remember when he said… It’s like Betty Crocker and Charles Manson had a love child and he’s cooking for me…I don’t remember who it was about, but it’s one of his comments that actually stuck. Oh and when he liked to call Marcel (Top Chef), Gastro Boy. =)

    1. Iris "The Palate Princess" M.

      He is hilarious…I love how he called vegans a “Hezbollah-like faction”. Too funny (yet so true). 🙂

  4. Amy Garrett

    Eric is so hot!!! Love him and his cookbook Avec Eric.

  5. Iris "The Palate Princess" M.

    Hey guys, don’t forget to provide your share link in your comments! Thanks!

  6. A + J

    I love that Ripert has a Philly presence!

    I tweeted “Another shot to win tix to see Bourdain and Ripert!” on October 25th @ 4:42PM (not sure how to share the link!)

    Twitter @twoeatphilly

    1. Iris "The Palate Princess" M.

      Good luck, Jen! Did you remember to ‘like’ The Palate Princess on Facebook as well? If so, here’s the link:!/pages/The-Palate-Princess/250810761612669

  7. jen @ one curly fry

    My favorite Ripert moment was when he was on David Letterman.

    (this should have been in my last comment but I hit send too fast and I couldn’t edit my comment!)

  8. J&J

    I dig Bourdain–he’s hilarious! I love how he recently went off on Paula Deen. Btw, I shared a post to this link on Twitter and I ‘liked’ you on FB.

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