I’m Addicted to My Multi-Pot

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Hi, my name is Iris and I’m addicted to my multi-pot.

The above line is how I imagine I will introduce myself at my multi-pot intervention when family and friends finally cajole me into admitting that I have become obsessed with–nay, addicted to–my Fagor America LUX Multi-Cooker (or multi-pot as most devotees call it which, coincidentally, is not to be confused with the similar Instant Pot). Let me start by saying that I generally detest single-purpose kitchen appliances and prefer multi-tasking appliances that can perform a variety of chores. I had been hearing the multi-pot buzz circulating around the blogosphere and culinary world, but I ignored it. I shrugged off the resounding praise and wrote it off as chatter among the “set-it-and-forget-it” set–the type who prefer pressure cookers and crockpots to traditional cooking. I know better now and acknowledge the error of my ways. I was soon to become a multi-pot proselyte–a befitting conclusion to my initial snobbery about not ever having owned either of the aforementioned appliances.

Fast forward to a conversation I recently had with Fagor’s Marketing & Sales Coordinator, Patrycja Waclawska-Morales, who extolled the virtues of the multi-cooker and, admittedly, it was hard to not be seduced by all of the bells, whistles, and capabilities of the culinary powerhouse–including the fact that it was recently the recipient of high praise from Good Housekeeping. I know how thorough GH is in their research; the publication doesn’t dole out accolades on a whim and I was convinced that I needed this appliance in my life.

Most people will recognize the Multi-Cooker as a pressure cooker but it does so much more than that. (By the way, in its research, the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliances and Technology Lab discovered the Multi-Cooker comes up to pressure a whopping 15 minutes faster than its market counterparts–take that Instant Pot). It can steam, sauté, brown meat, cook rice (brown, white, risotto), make yogurt, and includes a host of pre-set buttons so worrying about temperature is one less thing a busy home cook has to worry about.

So what does this glorious invention mean for the oft times overburdened home cook? It means that complete meals can arrive at the table much sooner.  For me, in particular, it means that recipe testing for my third book (a cookbook) is much easier and saves precious time in the kitchen. I would recommend that any home cooks eager to try a variety of cooking techniques should clear some counter space for the handsomely designed Multi-Cooker and add it to their kitchen arsenal right away.

Mushroom and asparagus risotto made in my Fagor LUX Multi-cooker


Disclosure: Fagor America generously provided me a LUX Multi-Cooker for review and use on my upcoming cooking/lifestyle series (coming soon). As always, all opinions are my own.


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